Working with LB Morris Consults has been life-changing for me. Through Mrs. LB Morris’ guidance, advice and abundant supply of support and encouragement, I have been able to find comfort and enjoyment in eating healthy whole foods. My energy has soared since I began working with her health and wellness regiment. She has a caring nature to help me to flourish in all aspects of my life. She’s been a wonderful source of nutritional information, but her spirit is the truly amazing part!  LB is walking her God-driven purpose.

LB Morris Consults has truly made a positive impact on my life and well-being (nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually). I enjoy how she explains that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and I will do what it takes to stay healthy. Eating healthier choices, praying and being grateful every day gives me emotional stability and a greater perspective on life. Daily challenges don’t throw me off the way they once did, and that helps me make wiser choices. Thank you LB Morris Consults for your knowledge, caring spirit and wisdom to a healthy lifestyle.”
L. Nunnally

“I have had a such an amazing experience working with Mrs. LB Morris, the proprietor of L. B. Morris Consults. Mrs. Morris is a wealth of knowledge and a complete professional (as well as kind and thoughtful) in how she fulfills her clients’ needs. While working within my budget, she has coached me on understanding the importance of knowing what I am eating and how it truly affects my system. I love that she tailors her suggestions specifically for my needs, likes and dislikes. Her insightful approach has led me to try new things and re-evaluate how I view food and my personal health. I have even gone so far as to call or text her while grocery shopping to get her opinion on various products and ingredients. In addition to her consultations, her recipes (like veggie fritters and soups) are DELICIOUS and easy.  I can truly say that her services have changed my life and health for the better. If a life changing approach to how and what you eat is what you’re looking for, then look no further than L.B. Morris Consults.”
– Michaella Carter

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